Transition Gallery, Unit 25A Regent Studios 8 Andrews Road London E8 4QN | 27th June 2014 - 20th July 2014 | Photography: Tara Darby | Art: Delaine Le Bas | Exhibition printing: Touch

The title of the project is taken from a book published in 1892 by Elizabeth Robins Pennell with illustrations by her husband Joseph, that speaks of their travels through the UK and Europe looking for "Gypsyland". The book acts as a prompt for Le Bas's own journey to Gypsyland, a cultural and historical journey across the country exploring the Gypsy and Traveler presence in major cities in the U.K.. This exhibition explores the idea of urban Traveler communities that have always been part of the city landscape, but that still exist within the public imagination as an 'English Countryside' stereotype. To Gypsyland is where Le Bas takes audiences to travel with her into this unknown territory bringing to light the cultural and historical geography of a people who are often mythologies and demonized; changing perception of where Gypsy culture and history is kept and dispelling and unpacking the mythologies. On her journey Le Bas also considers ideas of identity, slavery and trafficking, immigration and migration, shared histories, the right to roam, nomadic urban living, the ways which we use urban spaces and how spaces are becoming increasingly contested within our contemporary cities.

The show at Transition was a body of work that Le Bas and Darby have worked on together over the last nine years since the publication of 'Room'. It is a mixture of more documentary led images of Le Bas of her and her family alongside her journey as an artist she integrates more performance and costume into her work.
Many of the pieces that Le Bas has made were exhibited alongside the images.