Photography: Valerie Phillips | Published: Longer Moon Farther | 120 page paperback book | Scanning and Colour grading: Touch

Her fourth collaboration with Swedish artist and sometime model Arvida Byström. The pair are occasional opposites and seem fascinated with one another. Byström grew up online, creating blogs and tumblrs, interacting with friends, fans and audiences across oceans through the power of the Internet - she is an online celebrity. Phillips likes to meet people, face to face, to build pictures of them through the physical presence she brings with her camera. She trusts her instincts.

The end result of hi you are beautiful how are you? is multifaceted: It is a portrait of a woman, a serious but funny, smart and elusive, fierce, fragile, feminist whose personality reaches out from the pages; It questions traditional societal expectations of female beauty, demeanour and lifestyle; and it is another string to Phillips' bow. Exposing her skill, yet again, as an exceptional portrait maker and storyteller.