As the connection between stills and video is evolving with advances in technology and growing demand for online content, Touch now offers post-production services for video. With our years of experience in traditional stills retouching and printing we apply a deep knowledge and understanding of light, contrast and colour to moving image. Using the latest Adobe, Apple and Black Magic Design software and hardware in our streamlined video suite, we are able to edit, finish & grade digital video projects. We can also offer further post effects in Nuke and Smoke on request. Whether a stand-alone fashion film, stop frame animation or music video, Touch can handle the process from the edit to final delivery.

Our ability to translate a photographer’s direction across multiple platforms sets us apart from other photographic post-production companies. Our expertise across both stills and video means we are an ideal choice for photographers shooting both formats simultaneously, as we can guarantee a consistent and professional finish across all media.

We see ourselves as an alternative to the large budget post-production pipeline, and can offer a personalised and creative service under one roof to help new and established directors produce high quality digital videos. If you have a video project you wish to discuss with us then please do get in contact. Above is our showreel showcasing a small amount of work from some of the projects we have been involved with.