Fine Art Printing

We take pride in the fact that we are one of the few independent retouching companies in London offering large format exhibition pigment printing. It compliments our desire to work on a variety of image styles and re-affirms our ambition to provide a more traditional photographic printing service. We have invested heavily in our fine art pigment hardware, allowing us to print large scale exhibitions on the very best inkjet printer and archival paper combinations available. Custom-built large gamut colour profiles, large private print viewing area(s), digital pre-visualisation of large print sizes using a HD video projector and a wide variety of media sets us apart from other DIY inkjet printing services. All our exhibition printing is carried out by highly trained Photoshop retouchers, who will access your needs and run test strips on chosen media. Our team is driven to give clients the utmost individual attention to ensure a high quality and bespoke service for all your print requirements. We have experience printing for some of the best known professional photographers, artists and galleries, who all demand the highest quality and attention to detail. Our ultimate goal is to give a personable and professional service – total customer satisfaction.



Setup of the file

Whether you are originating from positive or negative film, RAW or processed digital file, existing print or even a hand-drawn sketch or artwork, we can digitise all this information in-house at extremely high resolution and high bit depth to ensure the highest quality starting point for subsequent adjustments and printing. We specialise in scanning from colour negative film and are often tasked with matching the colour of darkroom hand prints whilst maintaining clarity and sharpness from the original negative.

Attention to detail

Closely controlled full gamut colour profiles custom made in-house ensure a high level of colour management, meaning you can rest assured that each and every print will be accurate to the file. Firstly we evaluate the image on regularly calibrated monitors before the image is sent to print, as well as printing a small test print to check colour and the suitability of paper stock to your image. For large format prints the price includes a sectional test strip at final enlargment to check grain, sharpness and quality before full size printing.

Extensive paper selection

Printing exhibitions covering a range of styles requires a good selection of premium quality archival and fine art papers. Our wide choice of papers includes some of the most popular, such as Hahnemühle, Harman, Moab and Innova. We are also able to print on a variety of other papers so if you have a particular paper in mind which we don’t currently stock we can often order papers in by request. Feel free to call to discuss your requirements with our team, who will be more than happy to advise and help determine your options to achieve the desired finish for your prints. We are constantly researching and evaluating new paper stocks from around international suppliers. All Epson Ultrachrome K3 Pigment inks deliver the best colour gamut and stability on the market. Archival lightfastness for colour prints is up to 75 years and 200 years for monochromatic. These prints will long outlast any Lambda or Lightjet digital C type.

Standard & bespoke print sizes

Here is a list of set prices available for a selection of paper/size combinations. These measurements include the border so please take this into consideration when ordering prints. Bespoke print sizes are priced pro-rata so please contact us for a quote. Touch also has the ability to print on the largest high resolution fine art printers, meaning we can print large format prints all the way up to 64 inches by 12 meters. The bespoke nature of our service has enabled us to print elements for many photographic shoot sets and major exhibitions including a giant folded newspaper!

Advice & presentation

When the time comes to mount or frame your exhibition, we can help point you in the right direction and put you in contact with the necessary people for the next stage. Each project will have its very own set of requirements and budget which we will work with you to achieve. We also offer presentation boxes for you to display a selection of prints in acetate sleeves, to provide a polished, professional look right to the final stages of your project.

Photographic editions sales service

We can print images from your exhibition as and when you sell them – there is no need to order in large numbers, or to have to store unsold prints. Also, you can be assured that every additional print that is printed will be absolutely identical to the first. We can also keep detailed logs of orders and numbers of editions if needed.